The truth is out there, but usually not in that forwarded email you just received. It might surprise you to learn that TV's Mr. Rodgers was not an Army Special Forces sniper in Viet Nam. Nor was Captain Kangaroo wounded on Iwo Jimo during World War II and awarded the Purple Heart. But because of an email message labeled "The Quiet Men" a lot of people believe they were.

If you are still waiting for your secret rebate from Microsoft for passing on another cyber message, you can stop. And so can all the others you forwarded it to. Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Nike are not offering money for sending emails.

Contrary to the "Irish Luck" email now making the rounds there is no historical evidence that Winston Churchill nearly drowned in a bog while visiting Scotland . The story relates how he was saved by a poor farmer who heard his calls for help. In gratitude, Lord Randolph Churchill, Winston's father, paid for the farmers young son Alexander's education. The "What goes around comes around" feel good fable continues when Alexander goes on to discover penicillin and uses it to save then Prime Minister Winston's life years later during the darkest days of WWII thus saving democracy and the free world. But lots of people believe it is true.

Another message playing a bit sloppy with the facts is "How Old is Grandma". When Grandma's facts are put to the test they reveal her real age.

Recently an email with a link to an audio commentary "If I Were The Devil" by Paul Harvey seems to endow Mr. Harvey with uncanny foresight. But all is not as it seems.

Please don't help your children with their homework using this spurious information. Every answer counts on those SAT scores. And you might find yourself buying the next round at the corner Pub if you quote one of these dubious sources. Above all, resist the urge to bet the house on these bogus facts - you might find yourself living in a tent


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